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First status message, I guess. Well, I've got good news and I've got bad news. Good news is, it's summer, so I'll have more time to write. The bad part is my computer died, so I'll have to write on my phone. Not fun! XD Well, hope you lot have a good summer, and look forward to seeing some more stories coming out of me in the not to distant future! Caio!

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The shadows cast by the candles danced across the page as the decrepit man scratched at the ledger with a quill. Outside the windows of the small shop, night had fallen on the city, bringing rustlings and an odd feeling that will never experienced by those of highrstatus. The feeling of eyes, piercing eyes. Suddenly, a loud, sharp tap can be heard at the simple door, starling the old man enough for him to drop the quill. The man clutches at his chest in fear, waiting for his heartbeat to calm down. For several minutes, the shopp is engulfed in a horrid, slinking silence, the likes of which no man should experience. The man leans down to obtain his dropped quill, when the tapping comes again,louder than before. The man is a bit more prepared for it, and so is able to keep his wits about him. He takes one of the several candles on the small counter, and lifts it above his head. He slowly creeps towards the door. The rapping begins again, the loudest of them all. The man leans forward, and slowly unlatches the door. Suddenly, the door is smashed into, and the man falls. All the candles go out, and a large, imposing figure enters the shopp. The man lifts his arm, and aims something at the man. A loud sound is heard, a flash of light, and it is gone in the pervading darkness of the city. The figure begins to move about the shop, takingthings and putting them into a largeburlap sack. As the figure turns to leave, a raven flutters down onto the old manschest. As the thief looks at it, it turns it's head so that a single, glittering eye shines in the darkness. The thief kicks at it, and it flutters away into the misty night. Thethief begins to make his way through the misty streets. After a few minutes, theman hears a quark behind him. He turns, and sees a raven. As he turns back, he sees three more ravens ahead of him. He continues walking, as their beady eyes seemingly follow his every move. As he gets ahead of them, the begin to follow, quickly hopping along. The man walks a little faster, but when he looks over his shoulder, more seem to have appeared. As he continues, he hears quarks a screeches all around him. He goes faster, and faster. Ahead of him, the man sees that there are thousands of ravens,blocking the road. He stops, lookingaround in desperation, when he sees a small alleyway to his left. He darts in, and the birds stop following. As he continues down the alleyway, a loud clatteringsound comes from above, and the sound of metal scratching on stone. As the thief looks up, a thing shrouded in darkness lands on him, smashing him into thecobbles below. He is flipped over, and a face appears in the darkness. The man seems to be wearing a beaked masque formed of laqcered wood, and painted a deep, eerie crimson. His eyes were hidden by smoked glass, and he wore a midnight hood covered in the ebony feathers of ravens. The thief struggled, and eventually got free of the man. He got up, and raised the odd instrument that he had used to kill the old man. The masqued man lept and rolled away from the man as he shot, missing the raven man. The raven man lept back up, bringing his gauntleted hand up, revealing the razor sharp claws on the tips of each finger. They scratched against the thief's forehead, blinding him as the blood dripped into his eyes. He jerked back, accidentally dropping the gun. The raven man punched the thief, and brought him to the ground. He lept atop him. "What is this!?" The raven man shouted, holding the gun. "I- I don't know!" The man said, blood dripping down his face. The raven man hit him again. "Where did you get it!?"
"A-a man gave it to me! He said I could kill without even trying, and all he said I had to do was kill the old man! He said I could take anything that I wanted once I did it!"
"Who gave it to you! And don't lie to me, or I'll fucking kill you!"
"I don't know! I don't know! All I know is that he called himself the Artificer!"
"Where did he give it to you!"
"I-in the sewers! South side! Please don't kill me!" The thief cried
The masqued man pulled the mans throat out, stifiling the cries. He got up, and wiped the blood off his gauntlets on the dead mans clothes. As he walked away, the crows descended upon the thief, ripping chunks of flesh dead man, andswallowing them whole.

I was born twenty years ago today, in this city. Junon. The city of ravens. My family was poor, but we were never starving. My father died when I was 4. He wasmurdered. Four years later, my mother died from a horrible wasting disease that also claimed the life of my older brother, Khord. I was alone, lost in the mist, until a kind and gentile man called Father Jeonfound me. He raised me as if I was his own, and taught me the ways of war. He told me that I was like a raven, that I was fast and smart. That I should always use that to my advantage. I always cared forhim. Saddly, when I was 19, he died. He had been killed by a gang called "the Worms". I buried him myself. From thenon, I devoted myself to destroying all thecriminals of this city, and so, I became theRaven. It has been a year, and I've already encountered every kind of evil you can find. Murderers, rapists, cannibals, andworse. It seems as if the more I kill, the more that pop up. But now, a new threat has appeared. A man, calling himself "The Artificer", has appeared, spreading thesethings throughout the city, things that can kill a man with the twitch of a finger. The ability to end a life with such little action, to kill without trying, goes against the very nature of the world. And I'm going to stop it, before it tears this city apart from the inside.

Because my name, is Cabal Tenhare
Just something I've had on hand for a while now, nd never got around to posting until now. Hope you all enjoy.


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